Cancer November 2021

Cancer November 2021

Cancer- You are sympathetic, emotional, kind, and receptive. You possess an intuitive mind with a great imagination.

Monthly vibration horoscope is meant to bring you spiritual growth, balance, healing energy, enhance manifesting abilities, gain a more profound sense of self-love, and energy cleanse with the use of Sound Healing. 

The origin sounds that vibrate from the crystal singing bowls awaken an ancient knowing within. 

The vibrations make it difficult for low energy(stress, anxiety, or inexplicable fears, doubt, limiting beliefs, blockages from financial freedom, inability to both give and receive love, or anything that vibrates under 500) to stick around. Generally, you should feel relaxed and soothed. If you feel discomfort listening to a sound bath, there may be trauma from this or past lifetimes.

The movement of this energy can bring up feelings that show up as discomfort. Embrace it as you are healing. This is what makes sound healing a great tool to use for shadow work. Take your time to face the thoughts that come up with the vibrations. It will get easier as you continue to heal. 

The more you listen, the more you heal. The more you listen, the more you attract what you seek and see the synchronicities that will lead you towards your highest good.  

The vibrations work well physical, emotional, or psychological trauma. Guide the pulse to points of pain, or visualize yourself facing the aspects of yourself that are the hardest to face. When you can smile at the “darkest” fragments of yourself, your weakness becomes your strength. 

The vibrations keep you present where there’s no regret of your past, leaving space to create the future you desire. 

A great way to start your day and great to use before bed if you have trouble sleeping. 

Before listening, here are a few recommendations to get the best out of this experience:

  • Go somewhere you won't be distracted, or/and wear some headphones. You're taking a moment to improve yourself so honor this time for yourself.
  • Rub a few drops of Goddess Elixir on your wrists, feet, and/or back of your neck. 
  • Keep some water close by to drink once done with the meditation. It is essential to flush your body with water after any type of energy work. Charging your water is very powerful. If you need guidance in this area, please refer to the guided meditations for some options. 
  • Matching this with the weekly Sex magic meditation will elevate your practice to the next level.
  • Set an intention with three deep breaths for the vibration recalibration.
  • Focus on your breath while keeping your focus on your heart center. 
  • Find points of tension throughout your body and guide the vibration to the areas to ease and relax.

You can come back and listen to this meditation anytime your intuition guides you to do so.

Please remember how amazing, beautiful, and powerful you are!

Oye! I love you 

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