How do Blocked Chakras Effect me Emotionally?

"Emotion is Energy in Motion"
-Peter McWilliams
Welcome back my beautiful friends! By now we know the names, colors, location, 

and which body parts each chakra controls. We spoke a little bit about how blocked chakras can show up physically. We will continue to dive deeper on this matter later on. 

I want to keep building the basic understanding with you so it doesn't become overwhelming. Today I would like to talk about how blocked chakras can show up emotionally.

When our chakras are balanced, it makes it easier for us to deal with life's ups and downs. When blocked, it makes it difficult to deal with emotions and may cause reactions that you may not want or are difficult to control.

Speaking from personal heartache and sadness this is why I started this journey. I needed to understand why I was so sensitive. I wanted to have a better understanding of emotions. 

Here are some of the ways that blocked chakras will show up emotionally. 

The Crown

Feeling depressed, alienated, lack of common sense, easily confused, and spacey.

The Third Eye 

Clouded intuition, lack of imagination, easily distracted, delusional, and overly reliant on logic and intellect. 

The Throat

Trouble speaking up, difficulty communicating ideas, problems with creativity, inconsistent communication, manipulative, deceptive of self and others. 

The Heart

Feeling lonely, lack of compassion, in constant unhealthy relationships, lack of emotional fulfillment, difficulty of both giving and accepting love, lack of sense of connection to the divine and nature. 

The Solar Plexus

Hard time manifesting ideas, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence, misuse of power, feeling shameful, and over-reliance on will.  

The Sacral 

Difficulty experiencing joy, tend to hold back, emotionally cold, difficulty with change, hyper emotional, overly sexual, guilt and emotionally cold.  

The Root

Feeling fearful, un-grounded, feeling of not belonging, inability to let go, feeling tied down, overly practical, fearful about security and survival. 

We all go through trials and tribulations in life. Having your chakras aligned will not stop life from happening or take away your emotions, but it will help you to deal with these situations in a healthy way. 

Meditation Exercise:    Total time: About 5 Min

Before starting, choose the chakra you would like to focus on. 

Find a quiet area to relax and get comfortable. However, this is not always possible. Do the best you can, just showing up and taking the time for yourself is what matters. I like to meditate in the morning before getting in the shower and my kids wake up! 

First, take one minute and start to breathe. Close your eyes and simply count each breath. Breathe in deep and release your breath while counting "one". Breathe in deep, release and count "two". As you reach ten start back at "one". Focus only on counting your breath and gently remove other thoughts as they enter your mind. Do this for about 45 seconds to one minute.

Your body should start to relax as you focus on your breath. Focus on the breath going in through your nose to that chakra, wrapping around as you exhale. 

Do this for about 4 minutes or however long you like. With every breath feel the love and compassion you have for yourself. Envisioning the color that correlates to that specific chakra. As you do this let the color turn white, cleaning out any blockage, pain or hurt you may have here. 

As you finish, before opening your eyes, feel the weight of your body, any sounds or smells and gently open the eyes. 

Sit here for a moment and enjoy this feeling. Set your intention for the day and smile!

Personally speaking, I still have a long way to go but I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey. Every day I understand and love myself a little bit more than the day before. 

Remember to be kind to yourself. Thoughts make things, live in the moment. It's called practice of meditation, not perfect meditation. Meaning every day you must keep practicing. 

Please remember to share with your friends and loved ones and come back for more information soon. 

With love,

The Unicorn Goddess 

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