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Re: Full Moon of May 2019

Hello my beautiful soul family!
You guys know the deal, the intuition and guidance is stronger than ever! So let's dive right in. This is the flower full moon. With all of the seeds we have planted since the beginning of the year, now is when we start to see them sprout and bloom. This is getting close to the end of the first half of the year so we still have time to plant some more seeds to ensure that this is to be a successful year for us all. 

First Card- Skuld Goddess

Where are we now? The Future

It's interesting I pulled this card first. Over the past week a lot of information has been downloaded. This is confirmation in my eyes that in order for us to all have a future, we have to come together and raise our vibration. The happier, more loving, and caring we can be in the moment the better the future will be. With all of the negative and low vibration going on all around the world, be the part that fights it back with love and high vibration thinking and action. 

On the night of the full moon take a few minutes to meditate. Envision that the roots of Gaia directly from the core connect and wrap all around you. Open your heart and let the love of Gaia and your heart pass to one another. 

Second Card- Maya Goddess

What need be known? Illusion
Time is an illusion. Everything is vibration. This means that anything that you truly want, you can obtain. You just have to vibrate at the right frequency and eliminate what's blocking you from what you want. Work on aligning yourself over the next month and you will see how quickly you can manifest what you truly want in your life. 

If you are able to, write it down on a piece of paper all of the things that you know are holding you back. Meditate for a moment while gazing up at the moon. If you’re able to burn the paper (please be careful), and ask the moon to remove what is no longer serving you.

Third Card- Epona Goddess

What needs to be released? Wise Leadership

In order to be a great leader you need to think like one. Work smarter not harder. Not every road has to be explored and not every battle has to be fought. Don't over do it by over exerting yourself. You've come very far and if you listen to that little voice, your intuition. It knows that way and what you need to do when it comes time to make a decision. 

On the night of the full moon take a few minutes to do a gratitude meditation. Focus on your heart center, feel the energy that comes from your heart. Be grateful for everything you have and everything you want to manifest as though it has already happened.
Fourth Card- Shakti Goddess
What energy needs to be called in? Transformation
Instead of being hard on yourself for all of the things that have gone wrong. Try focusing on what you may have learned through all of the situations. There is a lesson to be learned from every moment in life. Just think, now you know what not to do. It's all about shifting your perspective. A positive mind creates a positive life. 
On the night of the full moon ask the moon and your guides to send you fresh ideas to help you cultivate your dreams. Once you have asked just feel the energy. Don’t try and change, or make sense of it. The information will be downloaded and revealed to you when the time is right. Just trust and believe.


Fifth Card- Artemis Goddess

What intention needs to be set? Focus

Instead on focusing on how you want things to pan out, focus on the moment. When you become so fixated on how you want things to work out, your actually blocking your blessings. Remember that the universe will conspire to make things work. It will always work for the greatest good, which may not be exactly how you are picturing it. Focus on the moment, your energy and maintaining a high frequency. 

If you’re having a hard time with knowing what to do next or even where to start, try meditating. I know I talk about this a lot but it’s only because I have seen it work first hand. Sit in ​quiet​ or with peaceful music. Ask source for guidance on what to do next. Let it be and it will come to you right when you need it.

Sixth Card-Spider Woman Goddess

​ What magic will be made? Co-Creation

You are the co-creator of your life. If you manifest and work hard to create great things you should be very proud. On the other end, you have to take responsibility for co creating the things you may not be as happy about. If you start something and cant finish it or maybe you went in over your head, graciously bow out. If you have done anything to hurt yourself or others, acknowledge it and take the proper steps to make it better. 


Look at the moon with the eyes of who you see yourself as in the future. Believe it and receive it.

You have all the tools right inside of you. The wisdom that you seek will come with experience. Get out and make shit happen. A grateful heart will attract more of what you want in your life. Fresh new ideas will come when you look within and ask source for guidance. You have all the potential in the world to make your dreams come true. With the right intention and ​a​ little hard work the world is yours. Have faith in source and accept the energy to your rebirth of a better​,​ more ​supercalifragilisticexpialidocious version of yourself.

I hope you all enjoyed this reading and it helps you all on the path meant for your soul.
Happy full moon!

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