Full Moon Pink 2019

Pink Full Moon 2019

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Re: Full Moon of April 2019

Hello, My Beautiful Soul Family,
Well my channeling is growing stronger by the day! It’s so incredible to receive this information and share it with all of you. With spring finally in bloom I have to say I’m so happy with all of the progress. Sometimes it feels as though I want more sooner, but I have to remind myself that everything works in Divine order and you can’t rush greatness. I don’t know about you guys but a lot of people have been exposed to me. At first it hurts but then you have to thank the universe for taking out the trash. Like the saying goes when the universe forces motherfuckers out of your life, be thankful those are not your people.
This next full moon is what is called the Pink full moon. This is our first full moon of spring. It gets its name ​from​ a pretty type of wild flower that blooms at this time of the year.


It is important to remind you all that with the full moon comes a lot of energy. So whatever is going on inside of you, physically and mentally will be amplified. This is why a lot of people say that the crazies come out on the full moon and crime goes up on the night of a full moon. This can also work in reverse. This is a great time for magic and love making.

First Card- Parvati Goddess

Where are we now? Devotion

Your personal growth and devotion is well noted by your guides. This day in age it seems to be harder than ever to be a good person. That’s why it is needed more than ever. That is why the guides are asking you to continue on this path. The path of doing what you know deep down inside is right. Let your moral compass guide you in the right direction. It is very important to take a few moments to yourself every day. When you give, you must replenish yourself.
On the night of the full moon take a few minutes to meditate. Try to focus on the vastness of space that you have surrounding you. Enjoy the feeling of your body. Scan from head to toe. The light that is scanning you takes away any tension and fills your body with love and gratitude.


Second Card- Metis Goddess

What need be known? Wisdom
This is a reminder that all that you will ever need to know is within you. With some experience and the knowledge that you carry this is what makes you wise. Lots of new opportunities are always around us at all times. You must get rid of what is not serving you so​ you​ may clearly see these opportunities to then make the wise decision to make your dreams come true. This may also be a time where ​others​ look to you for the wisdom that they see in you. Remember that every situation is an opportunity to learn which will increase your wisdom.

If you are able to. Write down on a piece of paper all of the things that you know are holding you back. Meditate for a moment while gazing up at the moon. If your able to burn the paper (please be careful), and ask the moon to remove what is no longer serving you.


Third Card- Nike Goddess

What needs to be released? Ambition

Your ambition is what has got you this far. You need to celebrate the steps you have made even though you have not gotten to where you think you’re supposed to be. It’s not about getting to the destination it’s about enjoying the journey. Don’t listen to or worry about ​what​ other people have to say. You need to be grateful for all that you have accomplished. Do something special for yourself to congratulate yourself. After all gratitude is one of the strongest amplifiers to attract more of what you want.

On the night of the full moon take a few minutes to do a gratitude meditation. Focus on your heart center, feel the energy that comes from your heart. Be grateful for everything you have and everything you want to manifest as though it has already happened.



Fourth Card- Eostre Goddess


What energy needs to be called in? New Beginnings


With spring well on its way this is the time to bloom. You will soon get all of the energy needed to bring new ideas and beginnings to life. New and fresh ideas will pop out of nowhere and guide you places you didn’t even think were possible. This is also a great time to bring the “​beginner's mind” to everything you do. Even though you know a lot​,​ look for the opportunity to learn in everything that you do.

On the night of the full moon ask the moon and your guides to send you fresh ideas to help you cultivate your dreams. Once you have asked just feel the energy. Don’t try and change, or make sense of it. The information will be downloaded and revealed to you when the time is right. Just trust and believe.



Fifth Card- Cerridwyn Goddess

What intention needs to be set? Potential

You are an infinite being with infinite potential. When you keep this in mind with every intention that you set, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. It is very important that everything that you do should be done with an intention. We are made to live abundantly it is us who puts the limitations. Just remember that you have all the potential to make your dreams come to life.

If you’re having a hard time with knowing what to do next or even where to start, try meditating. I know I talk about this a lot but it’s only because I have seen it work first hand. Sit in ​quiet​ or with peaceful music. Ask source for guidance on what to do next. Let it be and it will come to you right when you need it.

Sixth Card-Isis Goddess

​ What magic will be made? Rebirth

This couldn’t have been more perfect. We always have to grow. Stagnant is not cute and we don’t want anything to do with that. This Egyptian goddess is here to assure us that a new and better version of us is on the way. Walk in this new spirit and draw it closer to you sooner. Embrace the new you and own that shit! You’ve put ​in​ a lot of work to be where you are and the upgrade is on the way.

Look at the moon with the eyes of who you see yourself as in the future. Believe it and receive it.

You have all the tools right inside of you. The wisdom that you seek will come with experience. Get out and make shit happen. A grateful heart will attract more of what you want in your life. Fresh new ideas will come when you look within and ask source for guidance. You have all the potential in the world to make your dreams come true. With the right intention and ​a​ little hard work the world is yours. Have faith in source and accept the energy to your rebirth of a better​,​ more ​supercalifragilisticexpialidocious version of yourself.

I hope you all enjoyed this reading and it helps you all on the path meant for your soul.
Happy full moon!

If you’re in the Boston area on 4/20 come join me for a manifesting meditation event. It is sure to be a great time.





Lastly if any of you need help meditating please reach out via email or on my Instagram @theunicorngoddess

I can do in person and distance coaching.
Love you All! xoxo

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