Goddess Soul Tribe Series-Introduction

" I know it's hard for women to tap into feeling of self-worth. 
We need to get that message out there that you are valued.
You're a Goddess and don't forget that"
-Jennifer Lopez

Welcome back my beautiful friends. I want this blog to connect with you all. To do that, I want to be honest, open, and share my experiences with you. With my heart open, one of the things I'd like to share is my journey with friends. I haven't had the best of luck. It's sad, but many people say they're one way, but, only pretend. People can also be selfish and so self-involved that they treat others poorly. Sadly,  this has been my experience, and mostly with women.

I've spent so much time and energy thinking: Why are they so mean? Why do they treat me like that? What have I done? Why do they react to me like that? Why is there jealousy? I'm so nice to them, why can't they be nice to me? Blah blah blah...  Like I said a lot of time and buckets of tears.

It got to the point I started to lose myself, which turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Reiki found me. A Reiki master came into the clinic where I was working (we'll talk more about this another time). Long story short, my journey with meditation and healing myself began

I needed to understand why I was so sensitive, emotional, angry, and why it was so difficult to control my thoughts and feelings. It seemed like everyone else could easily influence my feelings, emotions and general mood.  

Through lots of healing I realized that those people weren't doing it to me. They were hurting themselves. They had their own blockages. The way they were treating me reflected how they felt about themselves and their blockage they may be dealing with. 

The way I was reacting was a reflection of myself. Something needed to change. I needed to get to know myself to see what others were seeing. I needed to do things for myself. Go out by myself, concerts, walks, to eat, for drinks. I needed time with myself for myself. 

What happened? I realized that I like my own company. If I met myself I would want to be friends with me. I love myself. 

Once this self-love clicked, my entire perspective of life and relationships began to change. I felt so much love in my heart. It was easier to focus on all the positive, and not so much on the negative, like caring so much about what others thought of me and why they didn't necessarily like me. That's not my problem. I realized what YOU think of me is your OWN reflection.

My soul now craves the friendships of like souls. When just the thought of giving the love in my heart brought me joy, the entire universe began to conspire to give me exactly what I want.

What I want is a Goddess tribe. A group of women that love, inspire, uplift, trust, compliment, care, educate, love unconditionally and connect on a grand universal level. Now in my thirties I have a few Goddesses in my tribe. I'm confident knowing that now the universe is aligning me with other strong Goddesses to connect with. 

Through this, the Goddess Soul Tribe series has been created. I'm going to be interviewing and introducing you all to these amazing Goddess souls I get to call my friends. I'll be sharing details about our friendships, what they do for work, and what makes them a Goddess. 

Some friends I've known longer than others. Some I’ve met on this spiritual journey. My first guest I met on Instagram! We instantly connected. We chatted for the first time just a few days ago. I think this will be lots of fun and interesting for you all to watch our friendship grow every step of the way. 

I hope this will inspire those of you looking to gain or repair any friendships in your life. Life on earth is short, take the chance and reach out to someone. You never know what will happen until you try. 

Until Next time my Friends!

With love,

The Unicorn Goddess

Zip Zap Zazzle Zazzle 


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