My Moon Phase Routine

Just like the Moon I go through phases. 


Hello My beautiful friends! I'm so happy to share this with you all. I'm sure you have read all over the internet and social media what people do for different phases of the moon. Or, you may be a skeptic and think that the moon may not really have an effect on you. 

Before I go into what I like to do for the moon phases I would like to share 3 facts about the moon. Google it if you have your reservations. 

1.  It takes 27.3 for the Moon to travel all the way around the Earth and complete its orbit. Could this be why a woman’s menstrual cycle is about 28days? 

2. The gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun makes the water in the oceans bulge, causing a continuous change between high and low tide.

In fact, the tidal effect of the Moon on Earth is more than twice as strong as that of the Sun, even though the Sun's gravitational pull on Earth is around 178 times stronger than that of the Moon.

3. The human body is up to 70% water by adult hood.

So if the moon is capable of controlling the ocean on earth, in my opinion it clearly has an effect on us. 

Apart from facts, my feeling, my instinct, and my heart lets me know how special the moon is when I look at it. 

From a young age I would always look up at the moon and make wishes. Somehow I knew the moon would always have my back and guide me. as an adult i see this to be more true with time. 

I now have a routine that I try my hardest to stick to every month. Some months I do every part sometimes I only get to one of them. The most important thing is to have the right intention. At the very least on the full moon I try to get a glimpse of the moon, clear my mind and just ask for what I need the most in that moment. 

I've created this routine based on what my Mother has done with me, what my Grandmother has done with her, and my own intuition.

Alright let's get to it! There is a different phase to the moon every week. So I try and do the same prep for each phase. I'll start with the prep and list what's different to each phase accordingly. 

For more info check out @rissavibes. AMAZING! She does moon readings every month, highly recommended. She also has a YouTube channel

For Prep you will need:

1.One rose. I always like to use a red rose but this is completely up to you. 

2. Agua de Florida

3. Himalayan salt

4. Lavender oil

5. Palo Santo 

6. Crystals of your choice(optional). I like to keep my amethyst and rose quartz 

7. Some candles

8. Relaxing music of choice. I love listening to my Goddess soul sister Rissa Vibes. Check it out and thank me later. All of her music is available on all music streaming services iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, tidal, Google play and Deezer


9. A piece of paper and a pen. 

10. Your favorite perfume. 


I start with running a bath. I then add some Himalayan salt, a few drops of lavender oil,  a few sprays of your favorite perfume and a  few dashes of Agua de Florida .I like to have the music playing while I light some candles to set the mood. I also like to place the crystals around the tub. 

Now it's time to slip into the tub with my rose. While I'm in here I like to sing to get the vibration going. I reflect on the past week(or month if I haven't done it since the last full moon). 

As I do this every time I feel there is something I want to get or let go, I pluck a pedal and release it into my bath. This for me is very significant to me. It helps with the bath as well as with my relationship with the universe. It's a way of me releasing it into the universe. 

I do this until I have taken every pedal off the rose. Sometimes it's quicker then others. Don't think about it to much, just go with the flow. 

If you choose to use a Yoni power while in there, remember that your energy is very powerful and use the energy to help you elevate. When I do this I like to focus on myself and all the things I love about myself and my body.This is a whole other topic on its own.


For a great instagram page to talk about this, please check out my Goddess soul sister @yoni_goddess founder of @indigoddess(great motivational content).    Her content is amazing and she has so much more coming to empower all us Goddess' and the power of our Yoni. I mean look at her powerful profile image. This red lines are her warrior paint of her sacred blood. 

Ok so now your out the shower feeling amazing and refreshed. Time to put that energy to good use. 

I go to my mediation area and light some Palo Santo. Make sure to use something fire proof to catch the ashes. 

I like to meditate for about 20 mins. Hence the word "like". I have two small children so that's not always possible. Whatever you can do is okay. Remember the intention is the most important aspect and you must be kind with yourself.

Prior to starting the mediation I like to start with a short prayer. Something like "I'm doing this for the highest good, I make no judgement, nor do I visualize an outcome. Everything is working in divine order". If you need some mediation tips check out some of my previous posts! 

Once I've finished meditating it's time to start writing. For each phase you write from the heart according to what goes with that phase. 

New Moon 

This phase is all about NEW. New beginnings, new relationships, new adventures, positive changes and absolutely the best time to set new intentions. 

Waning Moon First Quarter

This phase is all about letting go, cleansing, release and opening up. 

Waxing Moon Last Quarter

This phase is about growth, learning, creativity, healing and transformation.

Full Moon

My favorite phase of them all. This is when wishes come true! Time to harvest your dreams and ask for protection.

On this night I do everything we went over but I add a few things. On this night I cleanse all my crystals(check previous post on how I do this). 

After writing my heart out, I go out and stare at moon for a bit, really connect with it. I then burn the paper and release it to the universe. 

Optional: You can burn all the entries from the past month. I personally don't like to do that. I only burn the one from the full moon.

So there it is! This is my routine. Feel free to use this to make it your own. do your research and find different things that resonate with you. 

With Love
The Unicorn Goddess
Zip Zap Zazzle Zazzle 


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