New Moon In Aquarius 2019

Aquarius New Moon 2019

VIA DELIVARY CONFIRMATION: 111 222 333 444 555

My Beautiful Soul Family

Planet Earth

Milky Way Galaxy 123


                        Re: New Moon of  February 2019

Dear Soul Family:

This letter is to inform you of the energy that is entering Aquarius on February 4th, 2019. For me personally the first three weeks or so of the year I was all charged up and ready to take over the world. Then all the sudden this past week I have never felt more tired and emotionally drained. 

Through my meditations I have received  a lot of information and rest assured it all start to get better. I also have received a lot more information for this new moon then I ever have.

I have pulled some cards and this is how it breaks down for what we can expect for this next moon cycle. Hope you all enjoy the new set up and cant wait to hear how this all resonates with you. 

First Card-Survival, Money, Tangible Assets and Work.

Canary Spirit-Sing your own song.

The world wants to hear your song and its time for you to express yourself. This is a great tine to speak up at work about your great ideas and ask for that raise. Maybe you have a business venture that you aren't to sure about, well canary spirit is her to remind us that it is our time and the world is ready for it. You are free to be yourself and this is the perfect time to do something with work that makes you happy.


Second Card-Intimate Relationships, Family Dynamics and Your Tribe.

 Wasp Spirit- Sometimes Life Sting

Sometimes getting hurt by someone is a blessing in disguise. It's the universe way of clearing out what is no longer serving your highest good. You have to trust that. You get in the way of the work of the universe when you let jealousy and envy into your aura. There is always going to be someone more successful, thinner, prettier, taller or whatever it is you think you're lacking. The truth is you lack nothing. Don't let negative energy effect what great relationships you could be building or attracting. On the other hand if you notice that the jealousy is coming at you, just acknowledging it breaks down its power and the ego in any situation. It all starts with you, you must embody the energy that you want to attract for the relationships you want in your life. 


Third Card-Your Personal Power.

 Wombat Spirit-Be at Home

Wombats are known for digging deep down into the earth. This month we need to do some digging within ourselves. The more at home we feel in our skin then happiness is with us no matter where we go. The more comfortable we are with ourselves the more at home we will feel in our tribe. This next moon cycle it is our job to get to know ourselves a little bit deeper so that no matter what's going on we always feel that home is where the heart is. 


Fourth Card- Deeper Connection for Overall Well Being and Happiness.

Bobcat Spirit-Life is a Mystery

When it comes to making those deep connections or for a new found love right now it is time to be careful. Like a bobcat we must let our logical mind rest and go into almost stealth mode. Feel the energy rather then try to make sense of it. Self protection is called for. Right now is not the best time to let out your most cherished dreams and secrets. The truth is all around you, you just have to be quiet and still enough to hear and see what you need to know about others around you and their intentions with you. People have a way of imposing their thoughts and visions on you and expressing certain things right now could be misrepresented and the outcome may not be what your looking for. Leave a little bit of mystery and a bit to the imagination. In divine timing everything will work in your favor. 


Fifth Card- Communication, being heard and Owning your voice.

 Horse Spirit- Freedom is Yours

Now is a great time to speak things into existence. More then ever journal writing and dream boards have major power. Also a great time to manifest some travel in our lives. You will find it easier then ever to gracefully communicate your point to others without offending and being respectful to all involved. A great way to test this point is by picking up the phone and calling that family member or friend you last had an argument with. You will be surprised at how great you feel being able to effectively communicate yourself. 


Sixth Card-Imagination Vision and Clarity

Vulture Spirit- Nothing is Wasted

What I'm getting from this is that what may seem ugly and hideous on the outside carries its own beauty. Someones trash is another mans treasure. All the pain and suffering one has endured is makes us who we we are. This is a great time to use anything that seems negative and personal and make it into something beautiful. You can use is to create some sort or art which is also a way of healing. 


Seventh Card-Intuition, Spirituality and Your Relationship to Source

Cat Spirit- Claim your independence

Now is the time to trust yourself. You don't need validation of others. You have everything you need inside of you. Claim your independence, and allow some space between you and others for a bit. Mediation is an amazing tool that can bring you closer to source and some well spent time alone. Carry yourself with dignity and self respect. All that energy you put into others hoping that they see yourself as you do is never going to work. Only putting that energy into yourself will allow others to see the light within you. 


I hope you all enjoyed reading this! Happy new moon! 













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