New Moon in Aries 2019

Aries New Moon 2019



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Re: New Moon of April 2019
Dear Soul Family:
 This letter is to inform you of the energy that is entering Aries on April 5th, 2019. This past month has been very eventful. Lots of highs and lows. With the passing of Nipsey Hussle it has made it a sad time. He was very influential and brilliant man. The things he was doing for the culture is truly magical. He has a documentary coming out that is sure to open the eyes of many.
 We will continue to ride for him and make sure that his work was not in vain. He was a man that was very aware of the power we all hold within ourselves. Though he may no longer be with us in the physical form, the energy that he carried will never die. R.I.P. Nipsey we will always love and have you in our hearts.
 With that being said let’s focus on the energy of the New moon which is yet another powerful one. April is a time when the earth soaks up the sun’s light causing love to be in the air. This energy causes every cell to fall in love with another creating new forms. The world expands upwards and outwards in cosmic proportions. So just as the earth, soak up the sun and let’s see what animal spirits will guide us in our path.
 First Card-Survival, Money, Tangible Assets and Work.
 Ant Spirit- Time to collaborate.
 If you are like me then you want to do everything yourself and don’t like to depend on others. Maybe you have been let down in the past and you have your guard up. Ant spirit is here to remind us that behind every successful business, person, or idea there is a great team behind them. When you trust the universe, everything will fall into place. Surrender in the moment, trust your power and accept that great people will come together to help you on your way. You have to trust others if you want others to trust you.
 Second Card-Intimate Relationships, Family Dynamics and Your Tribe.
Pig Spirit- Use your mind wisely.
Pig spirit arrives to remind us of our intelligence. We must always consider all options even if they don’t fit into what we think may be right. This could be taking a chance on someone who may not be your type, leaving a relationship that is keeping you anchored, or reaching out to family a member/friend you have not spoken to in a while. Basically you are smart and you know what you have to do. Don’t fight that little voice, go with your instinct.
 Third Card-Your Personal Power
Wombat Spirit- Be at home.
When you feel as though you need to live up to certain expectations of others you are actually hurting yourself. Wombat spirit is here to remind you that you are perfect just as you are. You need to be comfortable in your own skin. Only then will you attract what your spirit truly desires. This is a perfect time to do something that makes you fall in love with yourself. Making love either alone or with a partner is a great way to love the skin you’re in. If that is too much for some of you try looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how beautiful you are, focusing on the parts of your body you love the most.
 Fourth Card- Deeper Connection for Overall
Well Being and Happiness.
 Canary Spirit- Sing your own song.
 Do you find yourself holding back on saying what is really on your mind? Maybe they won’t agree with you, maybe they won’t understand you, or maybe you’re just afraid of how they will react to you. Well canary spirit is here to say cut that shit out. Speak your truth and sing your own song. If they do not like it then that is their problem. You need to be true to yourself so you can attract what will match your vibration. Don’t ever lower yourself for others with a lower vibration.. EVER!
 Fifth Card- Communication, being heard and
Owning your Voice.
 Deer Spirit- Bring a gentle touch.
 Now is not the time to engage in arguments no matter how volatile the other person may be. Do not match their intensity with your own. That is only going to hurt you. If you find yourself dealing with an overly assertive person, disengage and walk away. Don’t let anyone bully you either. No response or reaction is greater than losing your temper and lowering yourself to their level. Express yourself firmly and graciously not viscously and from a place of anger.
 Sixth Card-Imagination Vision and Clarity
 Wasp Spirit- Sometimes life stings.
 If your holding on to anger, jealousy, or resentment your blocking your blessings. Holding these types of feelings clouds your intuition which won’t allow you to see clearly how you need to navigate your life. Sometime life stings, but we must learn from the pain not hold on to it. Work on releasing some of this energy and watch how quickly the fog clears and your life will unfold in a beautiful way.
 Seventh Card-Intuition, Spirituality and Your Relationship to Source
 Snake Spirit- Time to heal.
 No matter how much you have gone through, you can always shed the past for a new future. Everything that you have gone through is preparing you for the life you’ve always wanted. Look within through meditation asking source for guidance on how you let go of the past.
 Remember this is when the moon is at its darkest meaning it can really listen to our wishes and wants. For some of my new moon manifesting ideas please check out my previous post for my moon practices. From this reading it seems like it’s a great time to ask the moon to help us release what is no longer serving us.
Lastly, if you are in the Boston area please come join me for a manifesting meditation event on 4/20! Ticket information below.
 Love you all and happy new Moon

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