New Moon In Gemini 2019


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My Beautiful Soul Family                             

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Re: New Moon of June 2019

Dear Soul Family:

This new moon is Gemini. Summer air is on the way to us. This month it’s all about movement and sound. Enjoying what nature has to offer. This is when the seeds we’ve planted at the beginning of the year begin to bloom. Butterflies come out to spread their wings and fly. We must do the same. I’m also sensing a lot of beautiful sexual energy. Use it to your advantage.

First Card-Survival, Money, Tangible Assets and Work.
 Owl Spirit- You see clearly now.
Abundance is around us at all times. We don’t find abundance, we remove blocks to allow them to enter into our energy field. Envision as clearly as you can what it is that you want. Do not spend time trying to figure out how and when it will arrive. That is only adding blocks to what you are asking for. Grounding yourself will assist in focusing on what matters. A little time outdoors with nature is exactly what you need.
Try a manifesting meditation focusing on your root chakra. Envision that you are releasing blocked energy from your root chakra and envision all of the prosperity you wish for flowing directly to your root chakra.



 Second Card-Intimate Relationships, Family Dynamics and Your Tribe.
Swan Spirit- Time for a deep dive.
In order for you to have someone love you or treat you the way you feel you deserve to be treated, you must start with yourself. It is very important for you to love and know yourself. If you don’t love and know yourself, truly, how do you expect someone else to do that for you? Take the time to see what it is that really makes you happy. Go deep within yourself and explore. Once this is completed then the universe will show you the reflection of that in all of the relationships around you.

Try a sacral chakra meditation. Focus on all of the energy you have here. Place both of your hands on your lower belly and just feel. Envision white healing light coming from your hands directly into your sacral.




 Third Card-Your Personal Power.
Vulture Spirit- Nothing is wasted.
Everything that you have been through has made you who you are today. Any pain that you have endured has made you stronger. Take a look at your life, what may not look so pretty or seems to be coming to an end. Look for what you meant to grow from these situations. Everything in life happens for a reason. The things that seem as though they are decaying may just be the fertilizer you need for your next seeds to be planted.

Try a solar plexus meditation, where you ask your guides to enforce your “gut instincts”. This will help you to see what is no longer serving you.




Fourth Card- Deeper Connection for Overall Well Being and Happiness.
Sandpiper Spirit-Be playful.
What is the point of working so hard if you can’t play hard? Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Try to lighten up a bit and do something that makes you feel happy and grateful. Being grateful is one of the strongest magnets to attract more abundance into your life. Even with your day to day tasks, try a more light approach to your life.

Try a heart chakra meditation. Like a lotus flower feel it open and bloom. Feel the love that pours out right from the center of your being.




Fifth Card-Communication, Being Heard and Owning your Voice.
Bobcat Spirit- Life is a mystery.
Right now is a good time to keep some of desires to yourself. You want to make sure that you are really in tune with what is going on inside before you start to share with others. The reason for this is because you want to be fully confident with whatever this next decision is before others start to put in their opinions. This will also help in communication with others especially things you are passionate about.
Try a throat chakra meditation. Envision that a bright white light shines directly to your voice. So that you may speak what you want into existence with grace and compassion. 
Sixth Card-Imagination Vision and Clarity.
 Rhino Spirit-Overcome any obstacle.
The force of rhino spirit reminds us that we have the force to push through everything and anything we put our minds to. The energy of the new moon is a perfect time to ask for what you want. Take some time to envision what it is that you want, and set it out to the universe.

A third eye meditation is always helpful. I do one at least once a week. Focus on your third eye and any sensations you may feel. Envision that a veil is being lifted. 




Seventh Card-Intuition, Spirituality and Your Relationship to Source.
 Cow Spirit-The miracles are endless.
The miracles are endless, but you must be well equipped. Like a baby calf on its legs you may be wobbling all over the place. Take the time you need to get yourself right. Don’t spend more time on social media then going after your dreams. Don’t eat healthy then pollute your mind with trash. Everything needs balance and we all need to work on finding that happy medium. So make sure your mind, body and soul are all getting what they really need. Then you will be running at top speed to receive all of the blessings that source has for you.

Spend a few minutes focusing on your crown chakra, feel the love and power that you are directly connected to.



Have a little fun, take care of yourself and everything will fall into place.


Remember this is when the moon is at its darkest, meaning it can really listen to our wishes and wants. For some of my new moon manifesting ideas please check out my previous post for my moon practices. From this reading it seems like it’s a great time to ask the moon to help us release what is no longer serving us.
  Love you all and happy New Moon


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