New Moon In Pisces 2019


Pisces New Moon 2019

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My Beautiful Soul Family

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                        Re: New Moon of March 2019

Dear Soul Family:

This letter is to inform you of the energy that is entering Pisces on March 6th, 2019. This past week has been a lot of up and down. I do have to say that I am feeling extra enthusiastic about my work. Even though I have still been a bit drained there is a spark of energy that’s bursting through my heart that lets me know the next month is going to be magical.

I have gotten great feedback that a lot of you really enjoyed the way I did the last moon reading. I have just connected with source and have a new reading for you all. I hope this information helps you all to manifest your dreams.

First Card-Survival, Money, Tangible Assets and Work.

Turtle Spirit- Slow and Steady Wins the Race

With social media it can feel as though you are not enough and comparing is a side effect. Turtle spirit is here to let us know that we must move at our own pace. Slow and steady wins the race. Pushing too hard and rushing to leave others in the dust is not the way to success. You are a human being not a human doing. You must enjoy the process not rush through it. Trust your peace and know that source has your back. Your dreams will come true in divine timing.

Second Card-Intimate Relationships, Family Dynamics and Your Tribe.

 Nightingale Spirit- Love is all Around

How perfect that this one came up in this order! This one resonates with those that are looking for love or maybe in a relationship that needs some rekindling. You will soon feel the love and notice the abundance that surrounds you. Remember that you attract what you are. You must emanate the love that you seek. Try singing, dancing or doing something on your own that you would love to experience with a partner. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly the universe will manifest what your heart desires.

Third Card-Your Personal Power

Snake Spirit- Time to Heal

No matter how much you have lost or been hurt just like the snake you can shed and renew. This is exactly what is needed of you right now. It is very important to forgive yourself and others regardless of who is at fault and where the others may be in their forgiving process. Your thoughts and emotions circulate in your aura and it's your job to keep it in good order. When you shed all that negativity your new skin may feel very vulnerable and almost uncomfortable. You are becoming stronger and gaining wisdom and believe me you will do better in the future. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is never promised. Own your power of Now.


Fourth Card- Deeper Connection for Overall Well Being and Happiness.

 Deer Spirit- Bring a Gentle Touch

Now more than ever we can remain calm and grounded with gracious communication. Understanding others and their needs will be more powerful at this time then putting your own first. Not only is this extremely rewarding but treating others with love and respect is vital to assure that it is returned to us tenfold. Planting a seed with love and compassion assures the abundance of the fruit that will grow.  

Fifth Card- Communication, being heard and Owning your voice.

 Buffalo Spirit- The Abundant Universe Will Provide

The word is very powerful. We can speak what we want into existence. We must also know that it works in the opposite way. The way we speak and think about ourselves will manifest into the physical. Shift your thinking and words from poverty and worrying to one that trust the universe will provide the abundant life we all deserve. Stop comparing yourself to others and spending valuable time thinking about what you don’t have. I encourage you all to make a list of all the things you are grateful for and maybe some things you currently have that you once prayed for. Watch how quickly your mood changes with the feeling of gratitude. This instantly raises your vibration. The universe can work miracles in the snap of finger.

Sixth Card-Imagination Vision and Clarity

Starfish Spirit- Open to infinite Possibility

Just as a starfish stretches on the beach to soak up the sun, it’s your turn to soak up all the great energy and endless possibilities. It is important to stretch past the limits of your everyday perception and comfort zone. Think outside the box. Dream bigger dreams and imagine them with greater hope and faith. Miraculous things are about to happen. Feel it, believe it, receive it. Your potential is infinite.


Seventh Card-Intuition, Spirituality and Your Relationship to Source


Wolf Spirit- Turn Knowledge into Wisdom

The secret to life and all the answers you seek are within you. Be loyal to yourself and to your dreams. The same source that created the moon, stars, earth, everything you see and know, also made you. You always have that guidance within you. Take time to meditate in silence. Let your soul do the speaking. Your spirit knows the way, all you must do is listen.


Love you all and happy new Moon!






  • Thank you for this wonderful reading! Very grateful and look forward to the new moon and all of the opportunities and lessons that come my way!

  • 💫Such beautiful insight. Thank you

  • Thank you soo much, sending love and light ✨

  • I enjoyed this.. I feel encouraged in some areas…

  • You are a star! ✨


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