New Moon New Year 2019

Capricorn New Moon 2019

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My Beautiful Soul Family

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                        Re: First New Moon of 2019

Dear Soul Family:

This letter is to inform you of the energy that is entering Capricorn on January 5th, 2019. This is all about the hard worker in all of us, while connecting to the earth and being more grounded. This energy allows us to be our happiest when we are the most productive.

This is the perfect time of year to use this to our advantage and set the tone for our 2019. This energy carries the duality of achieving our goals that makes us feel proud, while connecting with the earth keeps us grounded and humble.

This energy makes it easier then ever to let go of anything that is not matching our frequency and no longer serving us. Feel confident in your intuition knowing that you have all the answers you seek within. No more do we need the validation of others for what are soul can answer.

The moon carries and radiates abundant energy that we can use in our favor to manifest the life we want and deserve while fulfilling our souls’ purpose while here on Earth.

Over the next year I will be sharing my rituals and how your can also manifest anything your heart desires. I will be going on this journey with each and everyone of you and can’t wait to see how much we all grow together in 2019.

So, if you’ve been putting off your dreams, or you’ve been working your ass off and feel like quitting because you’re not where you want to be... Let me just say don’t fucking give up! This energy is the here to let us know with some hard work, dedication and a little magic, our dreams are about to flourish.

On the night of the New moon or as close as you can to it (weather permitting or just when life happens), grab a blanket (if it’s cold) and a flashlight (your cell phone will be just fine). Go outside and do a little stargazing manifestation exercise.

On this night, with the moon at its dimmest it’s a great time to look at how beautiful and bright the sky is. Take a moment and just stare at the stars. Gaze at as many as you can see. Don’t try and name them or count them. Just observe and see how you feel. Let your soul do the talking.

After a few mins, close your eyes. See what lingers with your eyes closed. Observe how you feel. Don’t try and change anything, just feel. With your eyes still closed make your wish and set your intention for the next week, moon cycle or year. Once you have connected with that intention open your eyes and turn on your light.

Feel the light within you beaming through your flashlight out into the universe. Just as you are looking at the light of the stars your shining your light to them. Get up and let it be. Leave it in the hands of the universe to make it happen. Don’t think of how or why, that not your job. Do the work you know needs to be done and the rest will fall into place.

Another amazing trick is using a plant to manifest what you desire. I got a Jade plant which is known for bringing good luck. You can use any plant that resonates with you. Make sure you do your research. Don’t just get something based on how it looks. Some plants require a lot of maintenance so work with something at your plant skill levels.

Take a small piece of a paper and small crystal. It can be any natural crystal that speaks to you. If you have a hard time picking something out, then anything with a green or blue color tone will work well.

Sit and meditate for a few minutes. Center yourself. Focus on what you really want and feel what it would feel like to achieve that goal. Open your eyes and write down your wish, goal, or even a one- or two-word intention.

Wrap the crystal with your intention paper and plant it with your new plant. The idea is that even though you can’t see it, there’s something growing and manifesting under the surface. I keep my mine in my mediation area by my dream board and crystals.

While your watering, caring and keeping your plant alive you’re doing the same for your dreams. It’s a daily reminder that great things don’t happen overnight and just because you can’t see it right now doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is a great way to connect with our Mother Earth.

For this new moon It’s best to focus on your root(grounding) and solar plexus (self-esteem and power of transformation) for your mediations. Keep it simple. Take a few mins each day to focus on your breath, envision each breath going to the chakra you want to balance. You can also refer to some previous post for some other great meditation exercises.

To keep your energy safe, it is okay to say no. You know deep down inside what you really need, you must take the time and put in the effort to look and listen within. With all the right intentions, your heart in the right place, and a little moon magic the life of your dreams will be a reality in no time.


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