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Happy new year my Loves! I’m so happy to be connecting with you on this platform once again. Due to life, being a mom, a wife, a daughter, friend, working a full time job, working on growing my business, and finding time for myself through all of this I have not posted a blog in about 6 months. For those of you returning, welcome back and for the new ones stopping by, I thank you for taking the time to read what I have to share. 

I’m very connected to the moon. I know firsthand how using the energy the moon can be used to manifest what you want. The moon is great tool to guiding us on our spiritual path as well as assisting in manifesting what we want into our reality. My goal is to connect with you and inspire you to go after what you want and stand in your power.  

I will be sharing the downloads I receive from the source and spirit guides. I feel comfortable doing this as I have been using the information I have been receiving for the past year and trying it myself. Let me tell you, that it has made a huge impact in my life. I hope that the information I share will help and guide you as well. 

Ok so let’s get to it. We are in the first quarter phase of the moon. I find this very fitting as the first quarter is time to sit back reflect on your past decisions. Starting a new decade is a chance to start fresh. Really every day and every moment is a chance to start fresh. But right now with all of this powerful energy you can use it to your advantage. Ask yourself, who do I want to be for 2020? What do I look like? How do I act? How do I feel? 

Before rushing into New Years resolutions and a feel of pressure to be this different person. Take a couple days to reflect. Compare the person you want to be with what decisions you’ve make in the past. This is a great starting point to really make a change in your life. 

Journal Exercise 

Make a list of all the things you want to be and feel this year. Then write down all of the things next to your list of what you’ve done to go against what you want to be. This is very powerful to look at. You get a sense of wanting to hold yourself accountable for your part in co-creating the life you want. Use this next week to work on your list. This will be the map for your year.


The message I received is that this year holds a lot of power. It will take some digging within but its all there for us to tap into. Every thought, every action has the ability to take us closer to our soul and fulfill what we are here on earth to do. Every time you have a negative thought or feeling, train yourself to work against that. Immediately tell yourself three things you are grateful for. This will welcome more positive energy in your life to receive more and more blessings. 

The main focus for this week is to set intentions. Last year at this time I got a plant and placed my wish for the year in the soil of my plant. This year I received some prayer plants from one of my best friends and will be using those to connect with nature and planting my seeds for the year. Just as you water the plant and take care of it, you are doing the same for your wishes. 

Chakra of the Week 

This week I'm getting that we need to place a lot of our focus on our Solar plexus. This will aid us in feeling more connected to our personal power. Notice how your solar plexus is always communicating with you. As you listen to someone speak to you, notice how this area feels. As you're about to make a decision, pay attention to the feeling in this area. You will see that your second brain is always there to guide you. It will become stronger and stronger as you continue to acknowledge the message it is trying to communicate with you. This will assist in the opening of your solar plexus. Remember where you place your attention is where your energy goes. 


Take a few mins every day(even one minute a day will make a huge difference), sending energy to this chakra. It is located about two inches above your navel. I will be posting future posts diving into the chakras a bit more. I have a lot of new information to be sharing so I have taken down the previous posts with a desire to start fresh for this new decade.

Closing your eyes and focus on your breath for at least three deep cleansing breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth to center yourself. Then place your attention on your solar plexus, imagine a yellow lotus flower with 10 yellow pedals gently opening and closing. Do this for a few mins and notice how much lighter you will feel. 

I hope you all enjoyed what I have to share. I cant wait to hear from all of you as we all manifest an amazing start to a new decade. Love you all and Happy New Year!

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 Love you all! 



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  • Absolutely Love your Page 🦋🤲🏻✌🏼💜🙏🏼 it resonates with me and o Amos proud of you.. you are a Beautiful Soul inside and out💜💞🙏🏼 I may not have met you but I feel like I know you.. keep up the Magnificent Work 😘❤🙏🏼🤲🏻🦋💜


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