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Hello my loves! What a first week it has been. This past week for me has been all about setting intentions and really setting the tone for what I expect for 2020. I did a lot of journal work. Writing out  all the things I will accomplish both in the physical and spiritual parts of my life. This helped me come up with a clear list of what my new year resolutions should be. 

Once I had the list at hand, I started to work on a new vision board. I actually painted my vision board this year. I have always done a pretty standard type of dream board with clippings and quotes. For some reason I was called to paint one this year. I wanted to incorporate how I see myself, what keeps me grounded, what I want to attract, and what I know I carry inside that keeps this all together. I added some crystals for good energy and started to add some color. I will continue to add to it as I see more clearly the things I want to attract. I will share the painting with you, as another form of breaking out of my fear of worrying how it may look and the need of acceptance(I'm honestly scared to share but I have to push through it). 
FYI- The heart shape over the face is mirror paper so when I look at the image I see my face in the woman I will become. It just didn’t photograph well. 

I keep this in my meditation room which keeps it in a place that I look at every day. I hope this motivates some of you to work on your dream board. Let me tell you from experience that these work! I will make a future post about this but a quick google search will give you some of the basics. I hope this motivates some of you to get working on your very own. Especially with the energy of the full moon that is approaching.  

January 10, 2020 is our first full Moon of the year. It is the Full Wolf Moon. This energy is about the protector in all of us. The loving parent that we all have inside like wolf protecting their pack. The baby we are protecting can be our kids, our pets, our dreams and most of all our heart and intentions. In order for you to protect those you care about, you must be working at your full capabilities and most of all you must feel whole. It is very important to take a little bit of time for inner work on a regular basis. That's why I love using the moon cycles to help remind me of what needs to be done for my inner peace. To maintain a high vibration to keep attracting all that this aligned with positive energy. Remember no one, not one single person on earth, can do this work but you. It is your responsilbitly to make yourself a priority. There is no greater way of loving those you care about, then by loving yourself. 


The information I received is that this week we should really play into our sexual side. For me, sex is very important. I feel when I'm pleased and able to please while expressing myself sexually, everything just flows. There is a lot of romantic energy arriving with this full moon. Sex is the way that we create life. Use your sexual energy to fuel your creation of life with the things you would like to manifest. When we are pleased, it opens up our heart chakra, which cause us to act from a place of love. 

On the night of the full moon drive your sexual energy directly towards manifesting what you want.  Share your ideas with your partner and both of you can drive your energy together towards a common goal, two life forces are stronger then one. This can also be done alone. Set an intention by lighting a candle. As you reach your orgasm or right after, use that feeling and directly think about what you want to manifest. Again from personal experience, this works. If you want to learn more about sex magic drop a comment below and I will work on another post going into more detail about this topic. 

Journal Exercise


On the night of the full moon take a few minutes to write in your journal or any piece of paper. If possible sit by a window where the light and energy of the moon can shine on you. If you have crystals I would recommend have a rose quartz for your journal entry(remember also a good night to charge your crystals by a window). Write down all of the things you love about yourself. What is the most beautiful thing about your spirit, personality and body part. On a piece of paper, write down all of the things you do not like about yourself, or what you would like to change. Using a candle to burn the page as you envision all of those insecurities vanishing with the ashes(please use common sense and if anything keep a bowl of water near by or do next to the sink). 

Chakra of the Week 

This week we should focus on our heart chakra. This is the chakra located right at our heart. It is what allows us to love and be loved. Having an open and balanced heart chakra attracts abundance, opportunities and more love. Over the next week consciously choose to do every act from a place of love. You will be amazed by how quickly the universe responds so well to this. Just watch the right doors open, the wonderful people arrive and how empowered you will feel. 


With all of the things going on in the world, it is more important then ever that we use our power in numbers through meditation to help our planet. Close your eyes, take a few deep cleansing breaths. Center yourself. Open your heart. Feel the love pouring in from the universe. Filling up your whole being. Expanding past your body. Send love out to your family and friends, to all of the people in your city/town, state and country. Imagine a golden light of love connecting you to every living being, sending them love, healing them and cleansing all negativity. Imagine rain putting out the fires in Australia. Imagine love and healing to all of those affected in Puerto Rico. Imagine loving light and protection on all of those risking their lives for a war they did not start. With your heart still open thank the universe and so it is. Gently open your eyes, put a smile on your face and be thankful for being part of the light of our mass consciousness. 

Sending you all my love and light and may you all have a magical week.


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