The Unicorn Goddess Weekly Download

Hello my loves!
I just want to start by thanking you for stopping by. The immense amount of love I have received after returning to my blog is something I'm eternally grateful for. This is me sharing my spiritual journey with you all and you are all making me feel safe in this process. Connecting and helping you all on your spiritual journey is what I'm called to do here on earth. Ok, enough about me lets get right into it!
This past week I spent a lot of time going through my calendar for the year and adding goals I want accomplished throughout the year. I have a planner that I use. I find it more powerful. There's just something about putting the pen to paper that makes the magic work a bit faster and stronger. For the following week I have added intentions I have for each day. This helps me stay accountable for seeing through what I envision for myself. Everyday, hour, minute and second is an opportunity to step closer into your authentic power. 
This week the Moon goes into the third quarter phase. This phase of the moon aids us in banishing what is no longer serving us. Moving from Libra into Scorpio.  The Libra energy helped us have this crisp attitude in the past week. By setting intentions and goals for the year. This sets the tone for creating balance and order for 2020. Now going into the Scorpio energy we move into our sensual and secretive side.
Use this energy to dig deep inside and look for things that bring you pleasure. Look for things that excite you. Play around with the idea of how this plays into the person you're working towards becoming. Now think of all of the things that are all holding you back from that, and BOOM! Now you have the part of you that you would like to banish from yourself. Why would you want to hold onto something that is holding you back from what brings you pleasure?
This week we should all really focus on our breathing. Keep reminding yourself to see how your breath is flowing. Is it all in your chest? Are they short, quick, long, smooth or steady breaths? Conscious breathing is very powerful and it is a great indicator of your current emotional, mental, and physical state. As you focus more on your breath you will notice how much more calm and composed you become.
Sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes. focus on your breath. Taking in a few deep cleansing breaths, in through your nose and out of your mouth. Return to a regular breath in through your nose and out of your nose. Keep your attention on your breath and the tip of your nose. Notice how every breath is different from the last. Enjoy each one for its uniqueness and giving you life. Envision each breath in is filling you up with healing, loving and abundant energy. Each breath out is releasing what is no longer serving you. Envision your breath going to different parts of your body that call your attention. Envision your breath connection with people all over the world, sending healing energy to our planet. Moving the clouds over Australia to rain over the fires all over the country. 

Unfortunately I have an injury that has not allowed me to finish writing this post. I still wanted to share what I have received so far. 

I love you all and will be back next week. Sending you all positive and loving energy. 

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  • I love it all altho my favorite is the description of the meditation to help quiet the mind and focus on the breath….thank you sis. Love you past the stars.


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