Using Crystals for Chakra Meditation

"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of Creation" 
-Nicola Tesla 

Welcome back my beautiful friends! Today I would like to talk about my love of Crystals and the amazing powers they hold. 

My love for crystals started when I was very young. I just loved to look at them, hold them and even sing to them. I loves all types of crystals and rocks. I loved arranging them in different patterns, and moving them into different parts of room. I've always say they loved sunlight. 

I could feel the vibrations and the energy from them. Once I would hold them I would give them a name based on the personality I felt they carried.  

At the time I did not realize this, but I was doing energy work with the crystals. I would hold different ones depending on my mood. I would keep different crystals in my pocket for good luck or to keep me fearless for different occasions.

As an adult I still do this. I LOVE crystals. I will be spending some time sharing my knowledge you. As well as all the new and exciting information I learn. 

Crystals are an excellent way to help with balancing of the chakras. 

I want to share with you a great starting point if you're new to crystals. There are many resources out there to buy crystals. You can order online, there are many packs that contain all the crystals you will need for this mediation. For me personally I like to see the crystals in person and connect with them. 

Either way is perfectly fine. Regardless it is always a good idea to cleanse your crystals prior to working with them. I will post another blog soon on how you can do this. 

Here is a list of 8 Crystals to work with for the meditation. There are seven chakras but i like to use one for my feet which is the grounding stone. I will explain later on. 


The Crown

Clear Quartz

This crystal is known as the master healer, the most powerful healing crystal in the mineral kingdom. This crystal draws off negative energy of all kinds. It aids concentration and unlocks memories. Acts as a deep soul cleanser, connection the physical dimension with the mind. 

The Third Eye 


This crystal(one of my favorites) aids with spiritual connection. Great stone for meditation, promotes intuitive dreams, inspires thought. It relives insomnia and addiction. It balances the intellect, emotional and physical body. 

The Throat


This crystal aids with logic, ideas, truth, communication and writing skills. It helps to deepen meditation. Known as the stone of self awareness. 

The Heart

Rose Quartz

This crystal(another one of my favorites) is known as the love crystal. It aids in calming, removes negativity, and heals emotional wound stress. This crystal also helps to create loving relationships. 

The Solar Plexus

Citrine Quartz

This crystal controls emotions. It aids in dissolving emotional blocks and induce dreams. This crystal is excellent for raising confidence, and improve overall quality of life. 

The Sacral 


This crystal is the go to for self esteem, confidence, ambition and desire to succeed. It's considered a grounding stone which removes stress due to depression. Known as the master communicator stone, for bringing mind, body and soul into alignment. Great stone for someone with a temper.   

The Root 



This crystal is the go to for basic survival instinct. It promotes self control, peace and happiness. 

The last stone I like to use I picked up outside. It's a standard rock. River rocks work well for this. I use this in between my feet. I always use this as it helps to ground me and feel back to normal quicker when done.

Meditation Exercise:    Total time: About 25 Min

For this meditation you will be laying on your back. 

Place your outdoor rock between your feet about 2-3 inches away from your body.

Place the Hematite stone just above where your legs are attached to your body, near your groin. 

Place the Carnelian stone on your abdomen (about 2-3 inches below your belly button).

Place the 
Citrine Quartz stone over your stomach region (about 2-3 inches above your belly button).

Place the 
Rose Quartz stone in the center of your chest where your heart rests.

Place the Sodalite stone in the middle of your throat.

Place the Amethyst stone in the center of your forehead, just above the root of your nose.

Place the clear quartz crystal on top of your head about 1-2 inches away from your skull.

Now take one minute and focus on your breath. Close your eyes and simply focus on the rising and falling of each breath. Do this for about 45 seconds to one minute.

Visualize silver tree roots wrapping gently around your ankles and going down through each foot into Mother Earth (about 100 to 200 feet).  This grounds you.
Lay quietly for 20 minutes like this.  If thoughts come into your head, let them come and go without any attachment.

When you're done, pick up the stones in REVERSE ORDER, starting with the clear quartz crystal, then the amethyst stone, the sodalite stone, and so on.

Sit up slowly and hold onto the rock that was between your feet until you feel okay to stand up. I like to keep a glass of water next to me for when i'm done as I get very busy. It's how my body starts the cleansing process. 

Get up and take on the day with your tuned energy! 


Hope you all enjoyed! Feel free to leave any comments of your experience or reach out to me directly. 

Till next time my friends! 

With love,

The Unicorn Goddess 

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