Goddess Elixir
Goddess Elixir
Goddess Elixir
Goddess Elixir

Goddess Elixir

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♥︎ This oil is magic in a bottle. 

♥︎ Anti-aging and clears acne! Add a few drops to your current skin regimen or alone for Goddess Glowing skin. 

♥︎ Enhances self love while manifesting & attracting both sexual and platonic love!

♥︎ This oil can be used on your face, hair, body, baths and  before a meditation session.

♥︎ A few drops in your bath with intention is extremely powerful. 

♥︎ Reduces stress and anxiety. 

♥︎ This Goddess elixir emits a strong vibration into the universe of unconditional love which is great for emotional healing. This love oil is perfect for enhancing love in all areas of your life. 

♥︎ This oil also offers spiritual protection 🧿 

15ml Glass Bottle & Dropper. 

Goddess Elixir is hand made with love, reiki infused and charged in the full moon.

All oils are made with only the best ethically sourced organic top shelf ingredients. 

These oils are made with: rose oil, frankincense, coconut oil, green tea, aloe, chamomile, lavender, jojoba oil, melaleuca, flowers, herbs and more magical goodness. Everything is natural and of high quality.  

Shake well before using. Crystals in the bottle infuse and emulsify all the good juju! 

When done you can empty and offer the herbs back to the earth and keep crystals in in vanity, closet, or wherever your intuition tells you!  

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