Mercedes Valencia is an empath, Reiki Practitioner and owner of the Unicorn Goddess. Prior to starting The Unicorn Goddess, she has been healing and working with people in many different fields. With many years in the music and fashion industry, Mercedes understands how draining the industry can be and how important it is to balance your chakras. With lots practice, study, and guidance from highly reputable Reiki Masters, Mercedes is thrilled to help people of all walks of life balance their energy.

After two near death experiences, and having to have a hysterectomy before the age of 30, Mercedes understands firsthand the power of Reike, meditation and Law of Attraction. Through these experiences, the Unicorn Goddess was born. After much time healing herself, she wanted to share her gift with private Reiki sessions and affirmation clothing.

Every session is filled with love and positivity. Unicorn Goddess clothing is produced with the intention of love from Mercedes. Affirmations can set the tone for your day, mood, perspective, and life.  Send a stronger frequency to get the entire universe to conspire to give you exactly what you want.

With Love,
The Unicorn Goddess
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